Could we build a city in Australia's north that will:

  • Increase population of Northern Australia by 150,000 (30%) – 200,000 (40%)
  • Increase tourism by 1000%
  • Be new research centre for sustainable agriculture
  • Strengthen relationships with northern neighbours
  • Improve Indigenous health, education and wellbeing
  • Put Australia on world stage as global leader in sustainable city design
  • Export sustainable living technology
  • Be a welcome home to immigrants
  • Form an important part of Australia's food basket
  • Contribute to the decentralisation of Australian population
  • Provide relief for big urban congestion


The challenges facing a nation.

  • Climate change
  • Water security
  • Food security
  • Relationship with northern neighbours
  • Population growth/urban sprawl
  • Cultural integration
  • Future economies/industries
  • Renewable energy


Uneven population distriubtion throughout Australia

The anec vision.

  • Attract population to northern Australia.
  • Build a resilient and sustainable city for northern Australia that meets future food and population demands in a world facing climate change.
  • Promote Australia as the world leader in creating a sustainable settlement that responds to climate change.
  • Create a new city in a harsh environment
    where the design is an attraction in itself.
  • Provide food security for the Australasia region.
  • Acknowledge and incorporate Aboriginal cultural values.
  • Supply diverse renewable energy (hydroelectric, solar, wind).


The vision of Australia's Northern Eco City