Criteria for site selection.

  • Water security: permanent fresh water supply
  • Capacity to provide Western Australia with sustainable industry beyond mining
  • Modified or disturbed site
  • Natural beauty
  • Varied but suitable topography
  • Unallocated crown land
  • Connects to harbour, northern neighbours and the world
  • 150,000 – 200,000 population potential by 2050
East Kimberley preferred.

Place of Interest: Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle Facts:
  • Lake Argyle covers over 1100 square kms.
  • The water from Lake Argyle could fill over 6000 MCGs or 21 Sydney Harbours.
  • Lake Argyle has over 70 islands.
  • Existing renewable energy at Ord Hydro plant.
  • Potential for solar power.


Size comparison of Lake Argyle
Picturesque Lake Argyle
Suitable Site Selected.
  • At least to accommodate population of at least 150,000.
  • Generally level/flat region.
  • Picturesque location.
  • Access to existing settlements.
  • Predominant cross lake winds create cooling effect.


The cooling effects of predominant cross winds